Ukrainian association of animal advocates




The main objective of the Union is to protect animals from ill-treatment, to promote the creation of the necessary conditions for the welfare of animals, harmonious relations between humans and animals, the resolution of zoo-protective, environmental and environmental problems in Ukraine.


General information:

The "Ukrainian Association of Animal Advocates" is a young team of active people who have experience working in the zoo-fighting movement. In recent years, we have established a program for registration and identification of animals, conducted counting of homeless animals in more than 30 cities and it is already successfully used in a number of Ukrainian cities. As well as the construction of shelters for animals, the work on the program "Kanis-therapy", projects with the National Police of Ukraine, protection and assistance to wild animals who are in captivity from the cruelty and indifference of people. We believe that the main reason for the appearance of homeless animals on the streets, The terrible retention of wild animals in animals is the lack of ownership of the owner, because the animal is not enshrined in the legislation by the owner. Only registration and identification of animals will secure the ownership of a person and give the opportunity to bring to justice in case of violation of its legislation or local rules. Members of the organization support the introduction at the legislative level of compulsory registration and identification of abandoned animals for domestic and wildlife, the conduct of pet animals in the cities. The union was created on 01.11.2018 and is open to anyone who wants to help animals, conduct educational programs and preserve the environment.




The main activities of the Union are:
Participation in the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of sustainable development, protection of animals from ill-treatment, promotion of animal welfare, environmental protection, environmental impact assessment, conservation of biodiversity and humanization of society;
Promoting the implementation of state programs, their development and implementation on the regulation of the number of homeless animals by humane methods, registration and identification of animals;
Assistance in ensuring state control and public control during the implementation of programs for regulating the number of homeless animals by humane methods, accounting for animals in communal enterprises, shelters for zoo protection organizations and centers for the assistance of animals of all forms of ownership, which will promote the transparency of their activities and the publication of statistical reporting on work with animals;
Organization, participation and conduct of events on document development, round tables and public discussions on preservation and expansion of Ukraine's natural reserve fund, conservation of plants, living aquatic resources, habitats of animals;
Promoting the implementation of state programs and public events in the environmental protection of animals, plants and forest and water resources;
The development of a volunteer movement in Ukraine on animal welfare and protection, environmental protection, and environmental safety in order to preserve the animal and plant life of Ukraine. Involvement of citizens known in Ukraine, which will help increase the authority of the movement;
Initiation and implementation of necessary changes to the legislation of Ukraine, which will improve the conditions for keeping animals and protect them from ill-treatment; cooperation with public authorities of all levels;
Conducting informational, educational, scientific, cultural and educational activities among the population, in particular schoolchildren and youth, regarding humane attitude towards animals, conservation of forests, biodiversity and habitats of wild animals, etc .;
Conducting informational work among the population on the promotion of sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population;
Organizational, legal and material support of other associations of citizens whose statutory goal is to promote the welfare of animals and their protection against ill-treatment;
Cooperation with the mass media to promote the statutory goal and directions of the Union;
Formation and support of international relations, conclusion of agreements with foreign partners that meet the goals and objectives of the Union and do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine. Collaboration with international foundations for effective work to address the problem of homeless animals and protect them from ill-treatment, environmental protection;
Promoting the implementation of the state and ensuring public control in the area of protection of animals from ill-treatment (including the treatment of homeless animals), as well as the protection of the environment, forest, land and water resources in order to prevent violations of legislation and manifestations of corruption;
Implementation and implementation of measures for the creation of shelters, rehabilitation centers for animals, animal care centers, as well as the provision of public control over compliance with the keeping of animals in accordance with