Tools for the municipality

Why is it important for you to implement accounting, automation and transparent work with animals in your city??

  • The systematic counting of animals gives an assessment of the effectiveness of the strategy and its adjustment tool.
  • Automation of adoption processes increases the percentage of adopted animals and reduces the burden on staff.
  • Transparency of the company returns the trust of the community.

The main tools that enable you to automate the accounting and adoption processes in the municipality are developed within the project and implemented in more than 20 municipalities:

  1. Mobile applications for counting animals on the streets of the city
  2. Automation of adoption
  3. Web pages that visualize the municipality work
  4. Identification of animals with a municipal token


Mobile applications for counting animals on the streets of the city

According to ICAM’s recommendations, the initial phase of any project that ensures the welfare of stray animals is to quantify their amount.The exact amount will allow us to properly assess the situation and develop a strategy to find the most optimal humane solution, consider threats and predict results. Based on the WSPA methodology, unique software for mobile devices was developed, that greatly simplifies the work of volunteers and coordinators.

With the mobile App, volunteers will be able to take a picture of stray animalswith a gps tag of location and add a visual description.


Statistics of animals on the streets of Ukrainian cities

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Automation of adoption processes 


We offer you unique IT solutions that can be used by private shelters, municipal enterprices and groups of volunteers.

The results you get:

  • records of all animals in the shelter;
  • a greater amount of adoption of animals;
  • transparent shelter work.

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Web pages visualization of municipalities work

Реєстр тварин м.Львів  




Identification of animals with a municipal token

The visual identification of animals with a QR token is the most effective tool for quick return of lost animals to owners and control of vaccination in the city.


  Municipal token with QR code Usual token Microchip
price for the owner 60-90UAH 60-120UAH 100-450UAH
possibility of adding a phone yes yes no
protection of personal data yes no yes
read without special devices (scanner) yes yes no
possibility to change owner information yes no yes
the ability to determine the exact location of the animal yes no no
the only visual standard (city logo) yes yes/no no
identification through a network of private clinics yes no yes

Examples of tokens: