How to submit a project?

The application for the project is submitted by letter to the mailbox in an arbitrary form.

In the letter you must specify:
  1. Organization name
  2. Responsible person (last name, contact details, telephone)
  3. Date of organization
  4. Did you receive grants for your activities, as what you received from the organization and when
  5. The goal of the organization?
  6. The brief description of the project.
  7. Project estimate (how much money you plan to use for the project and for what needs. Specify the legal entities of the project.
  8. What results do you expect after the end of the project


You will be notified of the outcome of your project review in 2 weeks.

Participation in the projects is an opportunity to familiarize everyone with your organization and its activities, to raise funds for the implementation of the project, to find new partners and associates!